I’m gonna give Aerie an A-, not quite an A+.

January 18, 2014

Their heart is in the right place. When many of their competitors are drawing fire for trying to make sure all woman are size 0-2, or Photoshopping the pictures so much you can barely recognize the model, Aerie has decided to initiate Aerie Real. The program focuses on the brand’s underwear line and takes models, still gorgeous of course, and claims to be doing no retouching on the images. Warts and all, if any of the models actually had warts.

While the campaign still has it’s issues, they are minor. The company has made sure to use somewhat different body types, though not broaching into plus size territory. As an upside for them, they save a ton of money in retouching fees.

Overall, I’d rate this a solid first step on the road to getting body image expectations back to where they should be.


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