It costs how much?

January 7, 2016

Here’s a thought for you celebrities that want to seem relatable to the public. Don’t do advertising that makes you seem elitist. Based on that, Jennifer Aniston should fire whomever talked her into doing a commercial for Emirates Airlines.

Emirates, for those outside the 1%, is a luxury based airline which provides the best of the best for people willing to fork over their American Express¬†Centurion Card. Fares start in the low 5-figures and can get into the high 5-figures. Beds, showers, gourmet foods, etc… is all there for the elite class to indulge in.

Unfortunately for Ms. Aniston, her fan base probably never heard of Emirates. Much less considered spending their combined annual mortgage and car payments on a round-trip airline ticket. Tarnishing her public image with a sex scandal would have likely done less damage to her career than polishing it up and making her look like an entitled spoiled brat who couldn’t imagine flying without all of the luxuries of her palatial estate.


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